Maximize Office Layout With Office Furniture

By: Thomas Teo

For a new starting business, you may not able to afford on your dream office.  If you are running the business alone, a small office with full equipped is more than enough. By looking on long term, your business will be continuously growing and you will need bigger office. Although the best decision would be moving to a bigger office, but sometimes there are certain reason that require you to stay at original place for a while. However, you can still maximize your business with small office space and it shouldn’t be the reason that stops you from being successful. Let’s find out how office furniture maximizes your office layout and help on your business.

Make Use Of Online Cloud System
With the development of technology, you can now store your business documents in the cloud system, which allow you and your employees work at home. By sharing the files in the cloud, you can access them anywhere with internet access, either you are at home or coffee shop. Although cloud system couldn’t really solve your problems, but you can free up some space by reducing the desk needed in your office.

Implement Open Plan Office
Another way to maximize your office layout is implement open plan office. You may want to separate the desk as much as possible, but it may causes the office layout looks cluttered. Consider grouping the desk according departments to create groups. This can help on free up some space and make your office looks organized. It also provides opportunity to employees to collaborate and discuss for more idea.

Sufficient Lighting In Office
The lighting in office is important as it have a great impact on the look and feel of your office. If the office has less lighting, the office will looks small and cramped. A brighter office environment can make the space looks bigger. Make sure the natural lighting are fully used and add some lighting to dark area.

Being Vertical
To benefit the space, consider of arranging your office furniture vertically rather than horizontally. Look for shelves that attach to wall or taller bookshelves and filing cabinets for your office. This can help on saving up the space and provide more storage. Also consider getting office table with shelves which serve as extra storage space.

Implement Multifunctional Equipment
Multifunctional furniture and equipment had become a popular option this day. Instead of getting a normal office table, get one with filing cabinets on top or underneath drawer. When your office has a smaller layout, some employees might not used to open office, small cubicles, or offices with no doors. They might feel of lacking privacy and need some time being alone once in a while.

How Office Furniture Increase Productivity

By: Thomas Teo

As the owner of a business, we understand that every piece of furniture play an important role especially on boosting your productivity and potential. By equipping the office with great furniture, your productivity can reach a new level. This is the reason why most of the business owners improve their office furniture from boring and old furniture into stylish and comfortable new furniture. It is important to understand the essential of equip good office furniture for your office.

Dull furniture will cause laziness
Do you know that boring office furniture set does not only make you feel lazy, but also make you feel irritated and clumsy? When an individual lost interest in their work, it also affects their productivity too. If one can’t concentrate on work during work time, he or she would probably lack of productivity at home and social world too.

Exciting colours bring energy
According to professional, it is best to avoid using dark colour when planning your interior, either home or office. It is recommended to choose furniture with bright colour. Furniture with bright colour can cheer up a person’s mood, relieve stress, and increase productivity.

The importance of tidiness
Although furniture is important on increasing productivity, tidiness and cleanliness of the office is another factor that provides relaxation and positive vibes. An unorganized office will deprive employee’s passion on work, while a clean and neat office will keep the employees comfortable and be more productive when performing task.

Keep items reachable
Another useful tips to increase office productivity is keep things in place and reachable. Things such as office accessories, stationary, and even printer should keep at somewhere easy reachable and back into place after using it. Sometimes, we will need to get up and go to other places to get something in order to complete the things. Keeping things reachable does not only speed up your work, but also increase your productivity.

Divide the office accordingly
Dividing the office space using proper office partitions with different zone can also increase one’s productivity. This allows the employees to work in professional space and relax at resting area during work time. It is the best to take a balance between professional and private life.

Consider standing desk
There are studies show that sitting for long period may causes sickness such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. An Australia study even show that every additional hour spent sitting on daily basis may increase death by 11%. Consider of standing desk or stand up to walk around for five minutes every hours.

Lighting in the office
Professional stated that employees in the office with no windows have lower productivity compared with the one with windows and more light exposure. Employees with more light exposure sleep 46 minutes more a night. By increasing the natural light exposure in the office, it will impact the employees surprisingly. If you are not able to let the natural light came into office, install sufficient artificial light to make sure the space is bright enough to complete daily task.

The Importance of Adjusting Office Chair

By: Thomas Teo

To fit every kind of chair user, office chair are design with several lever to allow you to adjust different part of the chair. This is to help support your body and lead to the best seating position without feeling pain after sitting for hours during work time. Adjustable office chair can avoid health problem as the chair that too low can cause back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder pain, while a chair that’s too high can cause pain on inner side of elbow. In this article, you can find out some tips on adjusting your office chair to lead sitting with best position that suits you.

A good office partitions system allows the employee complete their daily task under comfort environment and fit every working style. In the office, there are three areas that affect employees’ working posture, which is office chair, working desk surface, and floor. To maximize the comfort I the office, these factor should be adjustable. If your company can’t afford big budget on it, an adjustable chair is necessary for each individual.

According to studies, the idea sitting position infront your desk is your feet should be laying flat on the floor, and the knees at 90° angle. This is to avoid your body stay under pressure for long time which causes uncomfortable after work. The action of adjusting your chair height allows you to determine if the chair is ergonomic. Some working desk has limited space under the desk. If you can’t place your leg under the desk or have enough space to move your leg freely, the desk is too low for you. Consider of putting on risers or invest on desk with proper height.

In the other hand, if you can sit comfortably but you need to raise your arm in order to reach the keyboard on the desk surface, the desk is too high for you. You may use keyboard tray to lower the height of keyboard placement. You can also adjust the chair height so that your elbows are same height as the desk. Use a foot rest to lay your feet flat. Besides of office chair and working desk, the computer screen place has a great impact to your body too. If the screen causes your neck craning up, down forward or backward in order to read properly, you will need to adjust the placement of screen. Use adjustable monitor arm which the screen can rotate in all directions.

No matter how great is the office chair, sitting with wrong position can hurt your back and muscle easily. To avoid your back being pain after sitting in one position for long period, stand up from your seat and stretch your body. You can also walk for a minute every half hour in the office. This will encourage your blood flow that brings important nutrients to every body parts. Stretching your body can keep the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons loose. This can help you feeling comfort, relax, and stay focus on work.

Wooden Dining Furniture Buying and Maintenance Tips

By: Thomas Teo

There are variable of dining furniture available in the market with different materials and designs. This can fulfill the requirement of different clients. The most popular material of dining furniture is wooden material. Before purchase wooden dining furniture, consider the issues below to help you effectively choose the one that suit you the most.

Space Available For the Table
It is important to measure the space available to fit in the wooden dining furniture before deciding which to purchase as there are various size in the market. It would be troublesome if purchased an oversized table where there is no free space to walk.

Number of People Using the Table At the Same Time
After knowing how many space available, you may consider how many people will be using the table at the same time. A small table usually fits 4 to 6 people while larger table can sit up to 10 people.

Preferred Table Shape And Style
In the market, there are several shapes, sizes, and style of wooden dining table available. If you have a smaller size dining room, square and round dining table will be a suitable option. Rectangular and oval dining table is suitable for bigger room and fit more people. You can also choose formal or informal design for your wooden dining furniture. If you are looking for guest dinner party, rectangular dining table will be your priority option. If you only use for daily family dinner purpose, you can consider design with casual and comfortable features.

After choosing the suitable table for your home, you may also want to learn about the tips of maintaining the wooden dining furniture.

Removing Dust
Dust is small and seems harmless, but it can scratch the wood’s finish if leave it there. Clean the dust weekly with a cloth and avoid using dust polish. Any cleaning product with silicones will soak into the wood and damage the wooden dining furniture. Soak the cloth with water to remove the dust on the surface of furniture.

Removing Watermark
Sometime, your wet glasses will leave a watermark ring on the table if you did not wipe it immediately. You may use mayonnaise as the cleaning liquid and rub the watermark away.

Placement Consideration
Avoid placing your wooden dining furniture near to radiator or heater as it will damage the wood with warping or splitting. Place extra leaves near the table to avoid the leaf warp or swell differently from table.

Humidity Levels Consideration
Not only wooden dining furniture, any furniture made of wood is sensitive with humid. Keep the humidity level is the house between 40 – 45%. The lower humidity may crack the wood, while higher humidity may cause swelling.

Let it Shine
To make your wooden dining furniture shine, consider polish them with wax. Use soft clothes to apply the wax and polish. This task does not need frequent action, but only to be done about twice a year. This can let your wooden dining furniture looks new and beautiful.

Utilize Your Office Table

By: Thomas Teo

There are many types of office furniture installed in the working space, and each of them is developing to enhance working life. Office table is one of the focuses of office furniture manufacturer. However, having the right tools and supplies helps to increase the comfortable and making life easier. Below are the list of tools and supplies that help you to enhance your office table benefits.

First Aid Kit
We might have a horrible headache or papercut during work time, and we hardly complete the task before leaving office. Having a small first aid kit with Tylenol, band-aids, cough drops, and other healthcare items  allows you to quickly apply on the injure when accident happened. Keep them in a box and organized it according, and this should be stay away from table surface to avoid mess.

Device Chargers
In this modern world, we are working with technology device such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Keeping extra chargers for your devices allow you to ensure that they are always in sufficient battery supply to complete important task. You may also invest in power bank or portable battery which allows you to bring along and charge the device when needed.

Spare Shirt, Perfume and Deodorant
You never know when accident will happen, such as water spilled on your shirt. Prepare extra shirts, perfume, or deodorant in the drawer. You may apply the perfume or deodorant after keeping yourself clean and refreshed.

Moist Towelettes and Hand Sanitizer
There are many bacteria around us especially public areas. You will notice that illness spreads around the office during cold and flu season. Keep your office table clean with antibacterial wipes and keep your hands clean with hand sanitizer.

Snacks and Magazines
Sometimes, client might visit you and sit infront your desk. It would be good to have some light snacks or reading materials to entertain them while waiting for you. It is also useful when you need a little break in between of work or having something sweet when you are in low blood sugar condition. Sometimes, you may be too busy and don’t have time to have a proper meal, but this should treat as proper meal.

Photos and Personality
To make your desk more personal and home feeling, add some personal photo with loved one or unique items that express your personality. This can help you on keep focus on work and release some stress. However, do not go overboard and let your desk become distraction. Update the photo in the photo frame rather than adding more and more collection on the tables. Don’t forget to consider the culture of your office and make sure your items match with the office atmosphere.

Organising Office Table To Boost Productivity

By: Thomas Teo

Is your office table covered with papers and sticky notes where you have no idea which is important notes? When you are looking for the notes, you might try to recall where you left in first place instead spending time cleaning your desk. If you have the difficulty on concentrating and being disorganized, the positive way to solve this problem is cleaning up your desk and working surrounding. An organized and comfortable workspace can decrease stress level and increase productivity. In order to solve this problem, the 5 tips below may help you on organizing to boost up productivity.     online casino malaysia

Replace Sticky Notes with Other Method
Sticky notes are commonly used to jot down reminder and place it on your office desk. The desk will soon cover with sticky notes and you can’t find the notes or remember if the task listed completed. It is recommended to jot down in a notebook instead of using sticky note, and you can cross it off when it is done. You will clearly take a look if you missed out any task in the list. Using online or computer-based version as virtual sticky notes is another way too. This will help uncluttered your desk while still jotting down important notes and reminders.

Organizing Business Card
Some jobs required you to collect business card, and most of us pile them up and leave in on the desk. Although it is a good way to keep the business card inside the drawer or on the desk, but it may create mess and stress in other way. Consider key in contact information into electronic address book, scanning them or taking picture to store it as digital format. If you prefer keeping hard copy, get business card book or business card holder before keep in your desk drawer. This allow you to categorize according alphabet or company, which help uncluttered office desk and increase productivity.

Minimize Personal Items
There are professional mentioned that a home feeling working desk can help on releasing stress and increase work efficiency. It is nice to put a drawing that your child made, a coffee cup from home or the souvenirs you bought during your latest vacation.  However, too many personal items may lead to distraction too. If this occurs, try removing some of the personal item away. Look for a good place to put your office supplier which use on a daily basis.

Look For Suitable Office Chair
Office furniture manufacturer have the important role in this. If an office chair does not give your sufficient support, it would cause negative effects to the employees. Insufficient support may cause body pain and decrease productivity. If you spend most of the time working in the office and sitting infront working desk, then it is important to get a comfortable office chair.

After reading all the tips above, are you ready to reorganize your working desk? Even though it require you to stay back for few minutes before going home, but it help you to increase productivity in long term. Start organizing now before it get too messy and affects your working efficiency.

The Benefits of Office Storage System

By: Thomas Teo

Knowing your office storage requirement is needed to help increase the efficiency of your business. Before planning the office storage solutions that fit your business nature, you will need to understand the employees’ organization system. After planning wisely the uses of your office area, the benefits are long lasting to your business. Office furniture manufacturer have variable office cabinets or pedestal for different area, such as office table areas, wall space, shelf space, and filling areas.

Proper office storage uncluttered working area
Working desk is always in busy situation, and the chaotic in many offices make the environment even worst. To keep office tables uncluttered, you may use small tools like rubber band holders, cell phone stations, and stationary holders. Pedestal with several drawers under the office table is also useful to keep personal items, extra stationary, and documents.

Wall space is beneficial as office storage area
Wall space is also useful to keep your working area neat. Add coat hook and overhead shelves at empty wall space. In Malaysia, coat hook can be used to hang rain coat. It is better than draped it behind someone chair. Prepare extra for visitor too incase needed. Wall storage is useful to hold books, catalogs, and other items which you would like to hide from visitors. Use unique and creative ways to decorate your wall area can help to expand the office layout.

Reliable heavy office storage
Shelf is a very useful office furniture for storage solutions, which help to keep the office running smooth and efficiently. Books and research material can be place in the shelves, which located at working area or reception area for visitor to flip through while waiting to be served. Keeping the books in the shelves can help to keep them in good condition. There are variety of option available of office storage, such as stand-alone bookcases, wall mounted shelving units, and custom designed units made to match existing office decor.

Keep files organized with office storage system
Office filling systems are used on daily basis, so it is important to plan the location to allow employees easier on work. This can speed up the work and help to minimize mess in the office. Determine the type filing, categorize and label them accordingly. No matter which storage system you choose, make sure it help you sort and filter those document for easy retrieval. It brings positive impression to the clients if the office is clean and organized when they visit. Spend 10 minutes to half hours for filling and cleaning table before going back home can give your business. A good file cabinets are easy to navigate along the space to remain uncluttered, it also help to create positive working environment too.

The Right Office Furniture For Company

By: Thomas Teo

As the owner of a company, you will need to consider the company’s finances, human resources, marketing, social media, branding, and partnerships. There are many office tips and advice around the internet. Most of us spend 40 hours a week in the office, and we should aware of something close to us – office furniture. Many company owner, especially newly open business may put office furniture aside upon many priority. It is not too late to consider ergonomic office furniture, cubicle styles, new or used furniture, and where to buy the office furniture. Getting quality office furniture can help to improve employees’ attitude and productivity.

New or Used Office Furniture
In the beginning of choosing the right office furniture, you will need to decide whether to get new or used. When you are going through furniture magazine and website, you will notice that the price has a big different. You can choose the furniture according to your business nature, office space, and visitor flow. Knowing the advantage and disadvantage of each type furniture can help you on making decision too.

Getting new office furniture allows you to choose from large varieties of styles, colours, and sizes. There is also latest trend furniture available for selection. The warranty is available and you may get replacement parts if needed within warranty period. However, new office furniture is higher price. Some office furniture manufacturer may require you to assembly yourself after purchasing. Delay may also happen between purchase date and delivery date which may affect your initial planning.

Used office furniture is average 25 – 35% cheaper compared to new office furniture. It is a good choice for offices which have 20 or less employees in the house. If you are planning to use the furniture for 2 – 3 years, used office furniture is definitely a great choice. But, there are limited choices available from used furniture seller. You may not get enough quantity of furniture to fit your employees and match the interior design. Usually, the warranties are expired when there is any problem occurred on the furniture. There can be hidden damages when you purchase the furniture.

Where to Buy Office Furniture
After considering what type of office furniture is the best for your company, then you need to consider where to buy the office furniture. If you had decided to get new office furniture, you may pick furniture stores from online or recommendation from friends. There are 3 ways you can get it, from office furniture manufacturer or dealers, furniture brokers, and auctions.

Office furniture manufacturer or dealers have a wide range of used furniture displayed in the showroom. This may be an expensive option, but you can find a great deal buying in bulk. If you have no idea of what furniture suit your office the best, approach to manufacturer or dealer for professional advice.

An office furniture broker does not have a show room for buyer to take a look at furniture, but it is usually displayed online. They usually don’t have a office for business, but focus on buying and selling furniture. Although the cost is affordable buying from broker, but it still can be risky because you are not able to see the furniture before purchase.

Buying office furniture at an auction sometimes depends on luck. In the auction, you may have some quality furniture, but usually it cannot be bought in bulk. If you are looking furniture for personal office, action may be a good choice for you.

Consideration When Choosing Office Furniture

By: Thomas Teo

When a company has yet to update the interior after years of operating, you may want to consider buying new office furniture to make it more functional and stand out your company’s image. Buying new office furniture is a big task, it is important to consider the current and future needs when making decision. Office furniture manufacturer are always there to provide you some tips of purchasing and maintenance.

Space available
To start the planning, begin with brainstorm and plan to find out which furniture is needed and the quantity that can fit into the available space. Compare the benefit of both open plan system and private office and choose the one that suit you the best. Also, provide your office a private space for projects and meetings. Estimate the storage space needed for document files, books, and other necessary materials.

Employee Point of View
It is important to stand at employees’ point of view when choosing the suitable office furniture. Estimate the space needed for each individual including personal storage to keep personal items like coats and documents. Ask your employees for comments if they need anything to help them to increase efficiency or productivity.

Ergonomics for Office
To keep everyone in the office include yourself healthy, consider installing ergonomics furniture in the office. Getting ergonomic furniture can help to reduce the stress and strain of your body, then improve productivity. Furniture like ergonomic chairs, headsets, foot rest is the ergonomic furniture you might consider adding to your shopping list.

Look for Suitable Style and Quality
All the office furniture will be use for years, so you will need to choose the styles that reflect your company mission and type of work you do. Choosing trendy office furniture may be a good choice, but it will also look dated after certain period. Modern style furniture is suitable for creative offices, such as such as advertising or video game company. If you are working in professional businesses like legal offices, traditional furniture is a great choice.

While choosing the style of furniture, don’t forget to ask about the warranties and support. Sometimes, warranties say the quality of the office furniture. It is a big task to purchase new office furniture and create environment that reflects corporate image, functional, and safe. Check with office furniture manufacturer or dealer on warranty duration and areas covered.

A Suitable Office Chair
Office furniture, especially office chair is really important to our body. Sitting infront the desk for hours without any support or improper posture can stress and strains our body. Investing in ergonomic chairs with adjustable support can help to improve this situation which is good for health. Sitting with improper posture may lead to headache, back pain, arms pain, and wrist pain.

An ergonomic chair allow you to move freely and feel comfortable even reaching another end of office table. By improving the comfortable of working area, you will able to concentrate better on the job and improve productivity of work. You will then enjoy working in the office and love your job more.