Utilize Your Office Table

By: Thomas Teo

There are many types of office furniture installed in the working space, and each of them is developing to enhance working life. Office table is one of the focuses of office furniture manufacturer. However, having the right tools and supplies helps to increase the comfortable and making life easier. Below are the list of tools and supplies that help you to enhance your office table benefits.

First Aid Kit
We might have a horrible headache or papercut during work time, and we hardly complete the task before leaving office. Having a small first aid kit with Tylenol, band-aids, cough drops, and other healthcare items  allows you to quickly apply on the injure when accident happened. Keep them in a box and organized it according, and this should be stay away from table surface to avoid mess.

Device Chargers
In this modern world, we are working with technology device such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Keeping extra chargers for your devices allow you to ensure that they are always in sufficient battery supply to complete important task. You may also invest in power bank or portable battery which allows you to bring along and charge the device when needed.

Spare Shirt, Perfume and Deodorant
You never know when accident will happen, such as water spilled on your shirt. Prepare extra shirts, perfume, or deodorant in the drawer. You may apply the perfume or deodorant after keeping yourself clean and refreshed.

Moist Towelettes and Hand Sanitizer
There are many bacteria around us especially public areas. You will notice that illness spreads around the office during cold and flu season. Keep your office table clean with antibacterial wipes and keep your hands clean with hand sanitizer.

Snacks and Magazines
Sometimes, client might visit you and sit infront your desk. It would be good to have some light snacks or reading materials to entertain them while waiting for you. It is also useful when you need a little break in between of work or having something sweet when you are in low blood sugar condition. Sometimes, you may be too busy and don’t have time to have a proper meal, but this should treat as proper meal.

Photos and Personality
To make your desk more personal and home feeling, add some personal photo with loved one or unique items that express your personality. This can help you on keep focus on work and release some stress. However, do not go overboard and let your desk become distraction. Update the photo in the photo frame rather than adding more and more collection on the tables. Don’t forget to consider the culture of your office and make sure your items match with the office atmosphere.

Organising Office Table To Boost Productivity

By: Thomas Teo

Is your office table covered with papers and sticky notes where you have no idea which is important notes? When you are looking for the notes, you might try to recall where you left in first place instead spending time cleaning your desk. If you have the difficulty on concentrating and being disorganized, the positive way to solve this problem is cleaning up your desk and working surrounding. An organized and comfortable workspace can decrease stress level and increase productivity. In order to solve this problem, the 5 tips below may help you on organizing to boost up productivity.     online casino malaysia

Replace Sticky Notes with Other Method
Sticky notes are commonly used to jot down reminder and place it on your office desk. The desk will soon cover with sticky notes and you can’t find the notes or remember if the task listed completed. It is recommended to jot down in a notebook instead of using sticky note, and you can cross it off when it is done. You will clearly take a look if you missed out any task in the list. Using online or computer-based version as virtual sticky notes is another way too. This will help uncluttered your desk while still jotting down important notes and reminders.

Organizing Business Card
Some jobs required you to collect business card, and most of us pile them up and leave in on the desk. Although it is a good way to keep the business card inside the drawer or on the desk, but it may create mess and stress in other way. Consider key in contact information into electronic address book, scanning them or taking picture to store it as digital format. If you prefer keeping hard copy, get business card book or business card holder before keep in your desk drawer. This allow you to categorize according alphabet or company, which help uncluttered office desk and increase productivity.

Minimize Personal Items
There are professional mentioned that a home feeling working desk can help on releasing stress and increase work efficiency. It is nice to put a drawing that your child made, a coffee cup from home or the souvenirs you bought during your latest vacation.  However, too many personal items may lead to distraction too. If this occurs, try removing some of the personal item away. Look for a good place to put your office supplier which use on a daily basis.

Look For Suitable Office Chair
Office furniture manufacturer have the important role in this. If an office chair does not give your sufficient support, it would cause negative effects to the employees. Insufficient support may cause body pain and decrease productivity. If you spend most of the time working in the office and sitting infront working desk, then it is important to get a comfortable office chair.

After reading all the tips above, are you ready to reorganize your working desk? Even though it require you to stay back for few minutes before going home, but it help you to increase productivity in long term. Start organizing now before it get too messy and affects your working efficiency.